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Primal Music This is simply stunning! There are no other words to explain how good this album is. Favorite track: Lama.
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Dreamgazer The follow-up to the band's self-titled album, this one shows more maturity and light-hearted melancholy, highlighting the fine line between light and dark, ups and downs. This music takes you on a journey and you are ever happy for Ummagma to take the wheel! Favorite track: Lama.
Lorelle Graffeo
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Lorelle Graffeo Im pro Ukraine! And this was a random discovery that was so lovely that I discovered and purchased the album in about 10 minutes. Really great 4ad-esque stuff. Favorite track: Kiev.
Vishala R.
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Vishala R. holy cow, this album is incredible! i'd categorize it as a real 'grower.' With repeated listens, it unfolds in to this super-rich field of eclectic and sophisticated soundscapes. there's a beautiful mix of Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Portishead, and other influences that meld into an original and mesmerizing work of art. "Colours" is sublime and shows off Alex's beautiful voice. Shauna's vocals are smooth, a little jazz-y, pretty. So many great songs!! Favorite track: Colors.
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Ummagma's "Antigravity" is dedicated to time, space and everything that makes your reality much lighter.


released July 12, 2012

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon

Alexander Kretov – all instruments, vocals, composition, arrangement.
Shauna McLarnon – lyrics, vocals, arrangement.

Roman Kalitkin (Moscow) - Guitar and co-writing on "Live and Let Die".

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Alexander Kretov
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ummagma Studio

Artwork by Alexander Kretov




all rights reserved



Our 'New Born' album with Sounds of Sputnik is at Blending dreampop, prog rock, post- rock, ethereal, nugaze & post-punk within intense landscapes, gossamer vocals and pulsating beats. This Canadian-Ukrainian duo of Alexx Kretov & Shauna McLarnon began in Moscow as an affair with love and sound and has blossomed across borders. ... more

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Track Name: Lama
Sorry how I slide
All the way down low
All the way so can’t even find me

Funny how I fly
In the thick of rules
In the thick, does nothing but bind me

Hard to say but time to say it
Running in circles chasing your own tail
Hard to say but time to say it
Time to make time for making your own way

Do do do
Not alone, not living in solace
Do do do
On my road and this one is toll-less
No no no don’t say to me
You’re on your own in loneness
Not quite so, no you’re never alone no
Do do do
Not alone, not living in solace
No no no don’t say to me
Track Name: Back to You
You’ve lost your drive
You’ve lost your view

Don’t want to see
Out of mind and sight
But when the world freaks out
Don’t have to be there too
Think you’d be bolder
To turn a cold shoulder
Come back to you

When you close yourself
You lose your way
Open you eyes
The world seems brighter
Like a boat adrift
Or losing faith
Need a torch or faith
To guide you back to life

You’ve lost your drive
You’ve lost your view

Don’t want to see
Out of mind and sight
But when the world freaks out
Don’t have to be there too
Think you’d be bolder
To turn a cold shoulder
Come back to you
Track Name: Kiev
Have you asked yourself now just how well
You understand our human nature
Hard to find the answer when we’ve become
far estranged from mother nature
And we end up killing the life that
we can’t sustain ourselves without
You know we’re so intent on filling our pockets
Just cannot help but cast all doubts upon all
All our facts and fictions
We’ve gotta sort heads from tails
‘Cuz this is not a game
And we’re in need of rules for living
Or an intervention
We lost the race
Just as soon as we began to take
More than what we end up giving

And all’s for sale
Just read the signs
And our decay means
it’s time to say
It’s high time to change our ways
From faking its great
Not gonna take, not gonna take
Damage done
Now time for healing

Hear the sighs from heaven
Hear the sighs right here
Feel the wave that’s coming
Not gonna take not gonna take not
Damage done, now time for healing

Uh-ha, uh-ha, uh-ha
Track Name: Live and Let Die
Well he may be gone
But you’re not left for foregone
Don’t you go now knock yourself out
‘Cuz I say live and let die
Say live and let die

The night is so long
It seems to just wind right on
Don’t you go now wasting your breath
Just let those sleeping dogs lie
Yeah, let sleeping dogs lie

And now you see and now you don’t
Nothing is black and white
Read your every line
And between the lines
It’s easy come and easy go
That’s what you get with
Instant recipes
They always claim to please